Do you believe that:

Your body is God's temple?

You were created to be in good health?

When you grant God access, He will take control of your body and your life for His purpose?

We believe that too. Join over 300,000 Christian women who have experienced the impact of the Weight Loss, God's Way program and have discovered how to use their faith to transform every aspect of their life, including their health.

Join over 300,000 Christian Woman just like these joyful, rejuvenated and confident ladies ...

Janet Mullins

I went from a size 26 to a size 14!

“In January I was wearing a size 26. This weekend my daughter took me shopping for an outfit for my birthday. I got into a size 14. I never dreamed I would see that size again. God is good. Today is my birthday. I have no desire for a cake.

Janet Mullins
Melissa Valenzuela

Weight Loss, God’s Way is tremendously powerful.

I lost 77 pounds and counting.

Melissa Valenzuela
Gladys H.

“I’ve lost 70 lbs with Weight Loss, God’s Way.”

Gladys H.


~ Never stressing about your weight again.

~ Living life each day not feeling self-conscious about what you're wearing or comparing yourself to every other woman you see.

~ Not ‘squeezing’ into your clothes or not feeling like you have to wear 'fat' clothes all the time.

~ No longer obsessing about diets, counting calories, and crazy workouts.

~ Living each day seeing yourself as God sees you.

~ Feeling confident in your own skin and truly feeling beautiful and radiant regardless of your size.

This life is available to you and it's waiting for you in the  Weight Loss, God's Way Family.  This program has helped motivated women break free and breakthrough all the roadblocks stopping weight loss success while also drawing them closer to Christ which made all the difference. It worked for them and can for anyone – like YOU!

Brenda Fagan

“[Without WLGW] I wouldn’t have understood myself and why I’ve been struggling all these years with my weight.”

Brenda Fagan

“Weight Loss, God’s Way has been a huge factor in beginning a process of healing and restoration in my life.”

Felicity B.

Dear Sister,

My name is Cathy Morenzie, a Christian Health Coach and Personal Trainer for over 35 years.

I've created the Weight Loss, God's Way program with a simple 5-Step Process to help you achieve your healthy weight while strengthening your faith in Christ.

To date, over 300,000 women have experienced the WLGW Programs, and in addition to losing weight, ALL of our members boast about their strengthened relationship with God as a result of this program.

It's my life's mission and passion to simplify the overwhelming world of weight loss for you by helping you understand why you do what you do.

Love and Blessings,
Cathy Morenzie

Author, Coach, Speaker

Julia Gaskins

“I went to my doctor and he was ecstatic.”

Julia Gaskins
Gwen Miller

“Seeing myself as God sees me has helped me to make better choices with food.”

Gwen Miller

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Faye Williams

“My doctors are singing my praises and people whisper to me ‘Did you have surgery?’”

Faye Williams