Wow, that was amazing!!

I am in awe of what the Lord did during this detox!! He truly met me and came alongside me and helped me to be successful!! The daily devotions were right on target and were truly inspired by God!! They helped me to keep my focus on Him and not on food! They caused me to reflect on areas of improvement and how the Lord was helping me to overcome, and they also helped me to identify and eliminate my toxic thoughts! I did not realize all the toxic thoughts that just crept into my mind and I was unaware. Now, I can disavow them, bind them, and lay them at the feet of Jesus through my Active Practice!

I am not that great at cooking, but the recipes were easy and delicious and my family tried them and enjoyed them as well.

The support of the other ladies was amazing and I could feel their prayers for me and the other participants.

For someone who had to have something sweet with every meal, as well as a sugary snack, I did not crave sweets, not one time, during this detox!! That is absolutely amazing for me!! God is truly awesome and I praise Him for bringing control and balance back into my life!! Oh yeah, I also lost 13 pounds during the detox!! Thank you Lord for Cathy and this sugar-free, Spirit-filled lifestyle!!

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