This has been an incredible course. The journey has been awesome. I am so grateful for all the lessons and what it has taught me. I am excited to see the life changes take place in me as I implement what I have learned. It really opened my eyes to discover area’s in my life as to why I do what I do. Making the connection with God and allowing Him to reveal to me my false identities and how I live out of them. I know that is not who I am and He is showing me how to live into what is truth. Who I really am.

I have been a person that takes a class and thinks well it’s done and move on from there. Breakthrough has pulled me around into learning that it is about continually practicing what I have learned so that it becomes a part of me a way of life. How important vision, goal setting, my whys are. There is so much learning in this course, I will be taking the refresher course and revisiting some of the lessons.

Thank your for your dedication to the Lord. For being the voice and teacher of what God has wanted to get to us ladies to be transformed from the inside out. To live a life of victory as Jesus intended for us to live. Healthy and whole!!

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