I am so glad I took the first step and enrolled in the 21 Day Challenge. I know without a doubt the Lord has led me to this place, for this time in my life. I felt each lesson was intended personally for me. I feel encouraged that I no longer need to search for the answers on my own, but to trust the Lord to continue to show me the areas He longs to deliver me from. Through these lessons He is revealing so much to my heart, and I’m excited to see His light continue to unfold within me, as I learn to truly submit to His will.

God’s light shines through Cathy, and He’s given her a beautiful gift in ministry, to outreach to so many of us looking for a different way, with a fun and interesting approach. We are learning to discover our true beauty and see, and love ourselves as our Heavenly Father does.

I’m happy to continue this journey in the next step with the Breakthrough courses, that I might continue to grow in new truths and understanding, that will set me free. Who the Son sets free – is free indeed!

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