Wonderful Fellowship of Sisters

Thank you to all the sisters whose encouragement, prayers and support have played a large part in my continued journey of learning a new healthy lifestyle.

This has been a part of a much longer journey this year where I have delved deeply into the reasons why I make the choices I do, and have surrendered to allowing Christ to speak to me and make changes in me. I have prayed and determined to be willing to allow God to work those changes in me.

I can’t begin to describe how this has been so timely for me in my life at this time. To move my focus onto what really matters, putting things in their rightful place, my health, my eating lifestyle.

Prayer and reliance upon the Lord is the way He is bringing order and alignment into every aspect of my daily life, in a very practical way.

God is a God of the practical every day nitty gritty of what we need to do in order to live right in our eating, sleeping, exercising, etc.

This has definitely been the place where He has led me to be to address these issues. I can finally see my goal within reach after years of dithering.

Thank you to Cathy and the whole team. Thank you to my sisters who are on the journey alongside, bringing their honesty, prayers, and encouragement, and above all, thank you to my Lord and Saviour for all of this, for the intervention in my life and for the Love you have for me. Amen.

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