WLGW 21 day Challemge!

This course is very valuable to impact several aspects of your health: physical, mental spiritual and emotional. It is a true example of holistic synergy of how to release weight and many different beliefs and mindsets that stand in the way! I believe when all of the weight that I am releasing is off, it will not be regained. It is truly one stop shopping! Well researched on current healthy nutritious and delicious meals that comprise the science of what our bodies need. I love the format of : A Message content, humorous video ( that decreases any anxiety) , detailed how to & picturesque menu for the day and to top it off a work out video and a inspirational music video. Scriptures that are absolutely perfect for the topic of the day! All in one place daily! Saves time in trying to Pull it all together. The work has been done for you! God has heard our cry and a well balanced way to eat & the mindset for Life. It has a built in way to spend time with God. A win win for sure! I highly recommend this course, it will be something you can use long term for your healthy lifestyle! God has blessed us with the “Answer” you will appreciate that phrase even more when you get to that day in the course! 🙂

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