What I’ve learned about myself

What I learned most about myself during this study:
I live my life almost always trailing behind, trying to catch up either every few days or few months on things. Overall, I’m afraid of commitment. Commitment opens the door wider for failure to enter.

This realization is convicting. I knew that I don’t compete everything I start, but I hadn’t realized how much it defines how I choose to live my life. I hadn’t realized how much I was afraid of commitment and failure. I thought it just was that I liked to try new things out and if I do not succeed at it or finish it, it just meant that it’s not one of my strengths to do.I

I have also learned how to eat healthier in a way that is not a struggle for me. I now plan what foods I need to have in the house so I can make what I like to eat as well as make for my husband things he likes to eat that I choose to no longer eat!

This has been a wonderful journey, one I choose to continue on

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