Walking Like Nehemiah

These past 21-days have been a God-send! Looking at Nehemiah through the application of our Weight Loss God’s Way journey has built a strong foundation! I have allowed the Spirit to walk me through Nehemiah’s journey from spending a day in fasting and prayer to applying the Green Smoothie Detox that will become a firm foundation in my seasonal routine. This study most definitely has been a teaching of “Strong Faith Strong Finish”! I am within pounds of my goal and for the first time EVER I am not stressing or anxious if I can keep it off! It’s mine to keep and I choose to keep it! I now have many tools in my arsenal, and with the help of the Spirit who will bring them each to mind as needed, I am well on my way to overcome this lifelong obstacle with my implements of battle —His Word and with prayer! Thank you, glorious Father!

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