I picked victory for my word for the year because God has told me that I will have victory over the ups and downs of this food thing. That food will become nourishment to me as God intended. A major victory in this is not giving up. At day 17 I ate some things I shouldn’t have which made me feel horrible emotionally and physically. I was down about it but instead of just calling it quits that day and saying “I will just start again tomorrow” I prayed and God let me see that it was time to start again now. So I didn’t go on the normal eat everything that I can because tomorrow I can’t have it again, I didn’t eat more, I didn’t eat after 7, I forgave myself and I felt victorious over another demon in this struggle. I am so thankful for this program. It has turned my life around in how I eat and how I think of food. I have been blessed and I am ready for the next challenge.

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