To God Be the Glory for the Great Things He has done

Three weeks ago things were not great for me. On the outside I managed to pretend that everything was fine so to most people including close family all was well with me. But it wasn’t. Not at all. I had a dark secret that was causing me tremendous inner turmoil. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed about my weight and appearance. I felt like I was a failure. That things were not going well in my life because I was useless and really, were it not for the fact that I have a daughter who I am solely responsible for, I simply wanted to hide myself away and never come out. I was sick of pretending that I was happy when I wasn’t. I was tired of not feeling like myself and for the first time in my life I had began to experience weight related body issues. I felt heavy and just felt like the real me was buried/trapped deep down under all the layers of fat keeping me prisoner.

Thank God for His loving grace! After the shock of stepping on the scales after months of denial and avoiding to weigh myself, I finally did weigh myself. To my dismay I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life! In desperation I went online to look for a solution. A ‘quick fix’ diet that promised fast results. The Lord knows that I was not looking for any Christian weight loss program because it had never even crossed my mind that those programs existed. So, I was quite surprised when a link came up on my screen for Christian weight loss programs. I certainly had not googled for that!

The first link I opened was Weight Loss God’s Way. At the beginning of the page there was a video with Cathy explaining the program. But to be honest I was in such a frazzled mental state after my weigh in, I couldn’t really focus and listen to what she was saying. So I shut the page down and went to another one of links for Christian diets. Low and behold it was Cathy again! This time it was a written article listing the top 10 Christian diets. I started clicking on different diets at random but in my spirit the Holy Spirit kept on prompting me to re-open the WLGW page and listen to Cathy’s video properly. When I finally got to the final diet on Cathy’s blog it was WLGW and she humbly encouraged us to look at the other diets and make the decision that was right for us. Right then I knew that I wanted to hear more from Cathy and that somehow she would help me. I went back to the WLGW page listened to Cathy, and all that she said resonated in my spirit and I signed up to WLGW immediately. I am so glad I did!

From the very first video in the 21 day challenge I knew I was in the right place. The video initially made me laugh but then it made me cry because it was so true to the emotional state I was in and had been in for years concerning my weight. All along I had thought that the ‘crazy’ extreme measures I used to try to lose weight were unique to me. They weren’t. Cathy was doing some in the videos! LOL! But the missing ingredient and what led me to cry is when in the video Cathy prays to the Lord to say how she is truly fed up with trying to do things her way. That was a profound light bulb moment for me. Because I had never been honest with God about my weight. I pretended as if it didn’t matter but in reality it was a huge area of my life. Even when I was healthy and at an acceptable weight I was tormented by always thinking about food and my weight. This took up a substantial area of my mind and in most ways also dictated my emotional state and mood. To God be the glory because of this program I am learning to submit to the Holy Spirit and allow the Lord to lead me in my weight loss journey. I am happy! I am hopeful! I am joyful! I am also being led to confront issues/ trauma in my life which I had buried by eating the feelings of pain/ hurt etc away. And this is just the beginning! I am so excited to let the Lord do His work and restore me to the being that He created spiritually first then physically. AMEN!

The picture I have attached was taken last week in Cuba! I went there with my daughter for a holiday. My smile is genuine! Thank you Cathy for the awesome work you are doing to help countless women around the world! I pray that the Lord continue to shower you with His love, guidance and strength and that everything your hands touch will prosper! AMEN!!

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