This Course was Heaven Sent

I am so thankful to have found a mini version of this course in the Bible app, and after enjoying it in the Bible app starting the actual 21 day challenge. I had reached a point where I felt like I was never going to lose weight, after trying several programs and diets for the last 2 years and never losing anything. This program has taught me what is possible when you don’t try to do everything in your own strength and lean on God for the strength and encouragement you need. With God all things are possible. This course has given me a lot of insight as to why I’ve gained weight and what is causing me to eat emotionally. I thank God for this course. Having such an amazing group of women who were on the same journey with me and who also added support to me along my journey was an amazing added bonus. I’ve released a total of 11 pounds throughout this challenge. I’ve lost more in the last 21 days than in the last two years. I’m am looking forward to the next course in the program. Thank you Cathy for creating such an amazing program!

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