Things have changed!

Things have changed! This change thing is the overriding thing, and it’s good change. I have a vision, an end goal and interim goals, whereas previously I had a fuzzy idea consisting only of a final weight target and roughly what clothing size I wanted to be.
I have gone from being overwhelmed to knowing that God’s got this. I have gone from trying to do it in my own strength to finding that the only way is through God’s strength and this transfers to many areas of my life.
I have learned skills to help me make right food choices, to not let food rule. With the help of the Holy Spirit to be the ruler over food.
I have learned skills to plan in advance and skills to help me stop at the moment of decision, in order to make the right decision.
I have gone from wanting to give up when it’s seemed too difficult to go on, to learning that it’s possible to keep on keeping on. I have learned to stop, evaluate and cry out to God to help me rule over my flesh in the times when it’s really hard.
The Lord is developing a spirit of perseverence in me. I have gone from giving in easily to temptation, to being determined to ‘fight the good fight’ of faith. What is impossible for man, is possible with God!
I have been learning skills to consistently stick to a challenge, and with the Lord’s help, I’m consistently exercising more, logging food and fasting intermittently, and most importantly, spending time with Him in His Word, and listening to obey. Actually, I’ve discovered the joy of exercising! Hah!!
I have learned it takes time, and to be patient but to stick at it because, as I am finding out, progress does happen over time, if you just don’t give up!
I have learned to be honest when things aren’t going well, and to reach out for help.
I am experiencing real transformation, in the way I think, act, keep my commitments and take responsibility for what I do and say.
Practically, so far, I’ve lost 5 inches on my belt, and more around my hips, and my knees no longer hurt. I have more range with my arms and can reach the middle of my back, and reach my toes. I no longer suffer from sciatica, my blood pressure is down, I was not recalled for my last cholesterol results! I have more stamina and more breath to sing with and have increased joy in life. No matter how hard life is, and we all know we have hard times, I am learning the skills to rise above, to be seated in heavenly places with Jesus, and in faith to overcome. I am of course a work in progress, and I’m sure there’s more, but I am on The Way with Jesus! Amen!! Hallelujah!

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