The Smoothie was a challenge but I still hit my goal

I really thought I would only make it to a 20lbs weight release but since starting WLGW from the 10 day challenge to now – 45lbs were released. This challenge of Strong Faith Strong Finish really helped but I had to start the green smoothie challenge the week after Canadian Thanksgiving. I was going away for vacation that week and it was impractical and impossible to have the challenge while I was gone. Also, starting it on Thanksgiving Monday when I hadn’t seen my family in so long knowing that breaking bread was a way to reconnect…
I gained a few pounds during the vacation but it was because I didn’t get enough sleep or make sure I planned my meals better. On Thanksgiving day I saw my mother and the food prepared was great. Large helpings of vegetables with some chicken and very little rice went a long way. I only had one plate but it looked like I ate a lot. 🙂
I travelled to 1000s Islands to vacation with a couple of friends. We spent a lot of time hiking, visiting orchards walking and every morning we worked out. Unfortunately, because I didn’t plan food properly I consumed some foods that should be a no no for me. This resulted in gaining 3-4lbs.
However, when I returned after the week I started the Green Smoothie challenge and encouraged one of my friends who went with me on vaykay to join me.
I released 5lbs by the end of the week and really felt like I was starting my weight release journey all over again. Studying Nehemiah along the way was the perfect devotional because I realized that despite the distractions and setbacks Nehemiah stayed the course and aligned himself with God to accomplish his goal. I wish this study was available in December with the Green Smoothie challenge offered the week between Christmas and New Year’s or Starting the Challenge in January. I think it would have been more practical. Also, I think there should be some attention paid to how to function and still release weight when you are on vacation or attending a function that is going to have a lot of food. How to navigate without sacrificing the efforts to either release or maintain weight. Other than that, I think I am going to do the Green Smoothie Challenge again in the New Year to start 2022 right.

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