The reward of Exercise

This regular exercise thing has been a long time coming and the past few years have been a series of the step by step of putting new things into my life.

I made/make – it’s a happening thing – a decision to commit to a regular slot for exercise before the Lord, and I have found that my attitude is changing and I’m finding a new positivity. My legs are a lot stronger, and my knees in particular have strengthened up and are not hurting nearly so much! I think, partly because I am carrying less weight, but also the strengthening of my muscles. This particular course has helped me not only change my attitude, but has also given me some tools to help me do it!

One of them is the wonderful accountability factor of how wlgw works in the groups, and the other new thing for me was to think about rewarding myself when I make a goal. I also learned through this particular course that I need to have short term goals – bite size goals if you like – so that I can actually achieve them. A few weeks, a week or even a day planned out! So thankful to God for this, and ever thankful to Cathy and the wlgw team!

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