The New Healthy Me

Its been a long journey for me. The ups and downs of my weight and my self-esteem. But once I prayed to God and really dug deep into the Bible and allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me. He gives the Words, but its the contrary actions of Faith that we must step into.
I know there is going to be times I might fall short and want to eat that chocolate cake and I don’t mean just a slice but God forbid me from eating the whole cake. Just a figure of speech. I am truly becoming happy about myself, feeling physically healthy and looking physically fit after so many years. Thank you Cathy for this 21 Day Challenge through your program “Weight Lose God’s Way.” Honestly, if God didn’t show me this, I still be complaining to God why God why. You can say our heavenly Father God has a sense of humor with me. I enjoy laughter and making people smile. I have so much joy and love of Christ to share with everyone and share how I am accomplishing this so they can learn how to eat healthy and stay physically fit through the Weight Lose God’s Way.
Once again thank you!
Rhonda G

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