The day I realized Never Again was going to come true

I saw the 10 day challenge in my Facebook feed when I was watching my church service online and thought why not give it a try. I was out of shape. Being on lockdown and under stay at home orders left me with little desire to exercise and I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. It may sound good but when the scale started tipping at 235-236lbs and looked like it wouldn’t go back down anytime soon, I knew this had to be a divine appointment and assignment. I had never been that heavy before in my life and something had to change.
When the question was raised to join the WGLW Academy I immediately remembered the vision I had of myself years ago where I saw myself in the future. I looked to be around my age now or a few years older and I was in shape. I had clearly defined chest, waist and hips, my calves were very muscular and I wore heels. I haven’t worn heels in a couple of years because of my weight. Again sensing this was a divine assignment I signed up. I haven’t regretted it. After the 10 day challenge I released 3.5lbs. After the 21 day challenge I released just over 8 for a total of 12 lbs.
I’ve been ecstatic by seeing the pounds shed but I’m even more excited about the one area of my life that’s changed and I know it will be forever. This experience brought me closer to God. I’ve always been a dutiful Christian (attending church every week, being involved in different ministries etc)but if you were to ask me if I was truly close with God my honest answer would be not as close as I would like. My prayer life had taken a nosedive and my time in God’s word…let’s just say I was thankful that I remembered verses like it instructs in Psalm 119 but to say I would diligently read it at least once a week?
This challenge has brought to the surface all of my “issues” and I know that it’s God’s way of saying to me “Daughter it’s time. Time to reveal it, deal with it and let it go.” This past week I was listening for the first time a song called “Something Has to Break” by Kierra Sheard-Kelly & Tasha Cobb-Leonard. I believe that it’s no accident. I’m definitely on the journey to look like my vision and I know I’m not alone because God is with me this time. The challenge made me realize the importance of placing God in the midst of my struggle with weight. He longs to heal me of my “issues” and spend time with me and now I can genuinely say I hunger to do the same. I’m ready for my breakthrough and I know that as long as I stay close and focused on God the weight of my issues, the weight on my mind, and the weight on my body will release and I know they will never come back. Never Again!

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