I read my Bible app daily. I had just finished a “Plan” with daily devotionals and scripture. I was browsing , looking for a new one and God lead me to Cathy’s!! Since the Lord lead me to it figured I better do it!! I have battled my weight forever! I have even had Lapband and lost 70 lbs but gained 40 back when I had a complication. Now here I am, still battling.
It’s amazing how much one can learn about oneself in 21 days. I knew I would binge eat and eat uncontrollably, and of coarse procrastinate. I had no idea how often I made excuses for myself! Nor did I have any idea of the anger and ,yes hatered in my heart.
I believe the Lord is working in my life threw this program. I already am eating less and am able to turn down foods. Like the mash potatoes video… Baby steps.

Thank you very much!!


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