Staying the Course

I just completed my second time through the 21 Day Challenge this year. This time, I wanted to focus on the dietary instead of the exercise which I did earlier this year.

Bad news first: my exercise routine was was hampered due to an injury but my new goal is to build my knee back up and then continue the progress that I was making.

Good news: I did not 100% use the meal tracker but I did most of the time. At first, it was a major trial for me. But it became easier during the time. My family went on vacation during the 21 Days and even though I did not read each of the days, I used what I knew and continued to follow what I have learned. I balanced where we ate and what I was eating each and every day. We even ate at my favorite restaurant there in which I did have my favorite Irish fish and chips but I made sure all other meals around it were more balanced with protein and vegetables. I am very excited that the vacation did not control me, I listened to the Father and was able to control what I ate.

During the 100 Day Challenge: I saw differences with my mindsets and my time with the Lord as He began to work on some deep wounds but very little weight release. Over the 21 days, with vacation, I have lost 6 pounds.

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