So thankful

I’m so thankful for this program and the network of others who are on the journey with me. I knew I had hit a wall when my emotions led me to a defiant consumption of donuts and pizza one night. God used my husband, who was in agreement with taking steps to deal with this sin in my life and asked that I find a program that was faith-based. I didn’t think such a thing existed until I did an internet search. It has everything I wanted and needed…accountability, day-by-day encouragement, peeling back the layers of why I was overeating and the emotional binges, exercise modules, menus and so much more. WLGW has helped to identify what my part is in the problem and that inviting God into this journey is a foundational element to yielding this stronghold to him. I highly recommend WLGW and am looking forward to the next course!

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