So thankful!

The 21 Day Challenge has been a big blessing to me. Each lesson is helpful and breaks down the issue and aspects of finding freedom into manageable, realistic parts. Each lesson is well written and the whole course is very well organized. The website is awesome. It is amazingly easy to navigate and the breadth of the resources offered I have yet to take full advantage of.

I love the ways we are motivated and encouraged to be a part of a true sisterhood in Christ. There is plenty of help with the practical aspects of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, but the focus of the program takes us deeper, to look at the reasons behind our behavior. If we don’t get to the root of our weight issues, we cannot find true and lasting freedom. I appreciate the humorous videos, the wisdom and experience Cathy brings, the love and care of a supportive team, the anointing of the Holy Spirit on this program, and the focus on bringing God glory and honor.

This program is so special. It combines the support similar to a 12-step program, the structure and support and great online resources, a place to connect with other women and build new friendships, the fitness and nutrition knowledge of a personal trainer, the wisdom of God’s Word, and the mighty power of prayer. It is both personal and professional. Participants can choose for themselves how involved to be. There is no pressure here. No guilt trips!

Most important of all is the love I have felt here, both through Cathy and through her team. What she has done through this course is done out of love, love for God and love for women. She obviously is very committed to seeing women break free from the chains of bondage to food and live abundant lives in Christ. Love is a powerfully motivating force to bring about real life change.

All who put into practice the principles taught through this course will benefit significantly from it. Thank you!

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