Serving the Lord with Thanksgiving

This course was a blessing and refreshing. It pointed out some areas in my life where I haven’t been thankful or I have just been indifferent. I long for my life to be one of continually thanking the Lord for who He is and what He is doing in my life. Years ago I was helping with a medical clinic in an area that had been hit with a landslide, flood and typhoon disaster. I assisted at the table where we put together the medicines prescribed by the volunteer doctors. I began to notice that about one in ten thanked our team for the medicine and meal they received that day. Most took the bag and walked away. I realized that they were still traumatized by the disaster that ravaged their community. But it was noticeable those who thanked us and those who didn’t. I started to count and it seemed only one out of ten expressed their thanks. This lesson gave me a renewed desire to be the one.

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