Right in the middle–for the last 10 years!

My daughter and I have been exercising together at the gym for the last 10 years or so. We were extremely overweight. I was at 265 and she was at 340. We always joked that we were the healthiest fat girls at the gym. Well I went through a small transformation with the help of the 21 day program and weight watchers and my daughter had surgery and went through a similar experience. Now I’m down to 223 and she’s down to 187!!!! We just really started taking the gym stuff seriously. But I’ve been on what I call the sliding scale and found WW was not what I needed. I have to get it right with God. I have to let the Holy Spirit have complete (instead of partial) control. Every day now my prayer is that the HS guide me in each step. That I learn to breathe and hand my anxieties over to God. Won’t you please pray for me too?

Thank you!

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