Wow! This was a great first step/introduction to transforming my walk with Jesus. The Holy Spirit has helped me to recalculate my trajectory. My life/heart lately have been ‘recalculating’ from so many deviations from His plan/abundant life for me. ‘Recalculating’ has been my motto and yes, it can be irritating hearing RECALCULATING! daily, but it’s there to lead me in the right direction that God has plotted out for me. The 21 Day Challenge was the first way point of my journey. I liked that this was more about reflecting and realizing our behaviors and patterns. I felt it went at a good pace and did not feel overwhelmed to DO a lot right now, but to ponder. I did not lose any weight, but gained the readiness I needed to move to the next way point. I look forward to going deeper with the Breakthrough Step 2 Course. I’ve already signed up. I loved the videos/lessons and found they hit home every time. I also felt like Cathy had a hidden camera in my home and I was watching/listening to myself in every one of them!

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