Praise God

I thank God for leading me to Weight Loss God’s Way. I thought about taking out a membership but waited. Then the 21 day Challenge came up. I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me to sign up for it. So l did. It has been a wonderful program. It taught me that l have to submit my journey to God. I have been trying on my own strength, so weight loss has been unsuccessful . My goal was to lose 3 pounds during the challenge and to track my food. Thank God! I was successful. I lost 4.3 pounds and tracked everyday. It gave me an opportunity to grow closer to God with journaling and reading the Bible. The challenge also helped me to look at why l have had a weight program all my life. I am an emotional eater and need to turn to God to help me with this. I now know all things are possible with God. He loves me and wants me to be healthy.
I am going to become a member and take the next segment Breakthrough. I can’t wait to continue this journey with the Lord.

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