Persevering to Completion

How were you blessed by this study? It reinforced what I learned in the Fear-Less study and helped me to build on those lessons.
What was your biggest takeaway from the study? To persevere with seeking, listening and obeying God’s directions for rebuilding His temple in me.
What changes are you experiencing as a result? I am craving my quiet and study time. It is now a need rather than just another daily task to complete.
What new techniques, strategies, tips, insights will you continue to use? The best strategy for everything is to pray continually—to seek, listen and OBEY.
How did the Holy Spirit minister to you? He watches over me with so many little helps that keep me from physical and spiritual falls and nudges me with reminders that save me a lot of backtracking.
Were the audio recordings helpful? Yes, I really like being able to hear while also reading the Scriptures, devotions and prayers.

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