Peel those layers

This study is fitting in with so many other things that I’m working on in my life right now. It is amazing how many times these lessons came up in my weekly counseling session. Trying to figure out why and what I have done for my 59 years of life is definitely eye-opening. There has been so many breakthroughs in this. Probably the biggest one has been that I am actually open to listening to the Holy Spirit. I really was loved as a child. It just might not have been the way that I needed to have it. As I seek forgiveness from my own children, I must give forgiveness to my parents. They were doing the best they could. They too were survivors. The Holy Spirit told me to make a list of all the ways my parents loved me. Funny thing is many of the things that I wrote down are what I did not get from my husband. I realize now that I was seeking love. I was running from God and from his love. The compartmentalization that I did was actually not protecting me but was harming me. Do I think I am where I need to be? No. However, I feel like I’m growing closer and closer in my relationship to God. I am realizing that comfort cannot be found in food or busyness. As a side effect, I am slowly releasing weight. Thanks again to Cathy and all the mentors.

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