Only with Jesus can I do this

This has overall been a tough month for me with some hard things happening in the background of life, but I’ve drawn closer to the Lord and had some wonderful revelations from the Lord and consequently experienced his strength and grace along the journey, and I’ve won some battles and strengthened my declarations. Sugar free always keeps me majorly on track for weight loss and so it stays in place for now – Praise The Lord. It’s like the barometer of being on track with the Lord for me with food and health. Praising the Lord for more fruit teas too and more water. I don’t think I did so well trying to reduce carbs by trying to track them, so I’m going back to calorie counting as the main measure of how much I can eat as it helps me eat less carbs, and eat more veg and fruit. I know this works for me. My biggest breakthrough was finally getting back on track to begin a downward curve on the graph. Only with Jesus can I do this 😊🙌🙌🙌 Looking forward to the next step with messy in the middle!!

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