One day at a time

Recents events have tried to derailed me like in the past; however, I tried not to give up or be distracted. Unlike before, I didn’t immediately shut down, but ask God to show the answer and understanding. Most of the situations are not in my control; but the way I react do. It is a slow process, I wouldn’t say that I am successful in dealing with them the way, I would like. I’m learning to give it to GOD and not hold it in. I’m asking God to teach me to forgive past hurt and not hold a grudge, which is only hurting me. I don’t know how I have changed along the way, I was not always like that. I think after having a terrible experience that almost cost me my life, part of me became bitter and I held on to the hurt. Now, it is time to let go because every day is a new day and GOD gave me life for a reason. I still have not accomplished what He created me for, therefore, I shouldn’t be bitter and hold on to unnecessary hurt.

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