On the Road Again

I had been praying for a program that would help me get back on track with my health goals. God led me to LWGW because while I prayed for the fitness of my body, God knew I needed to work on my mind and soul as well. This journey is opening my heart, mind and soul to self-care by getting to the root causes of why I am not healthy. The root causes of how and why I waste the precious time He has given me, the cause of why I misuse the money I work so hard for, the cause of why I beat myself up when I make a mistake and so much more. I am confident that this journey with LWGW will continue to lead me towards the results that will change my life forever. It already is. I am excited for the distance I have already reached and super excited for the remainder of the journey. I have never had a support group like Cathy and her team.

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