My weight release journey

My journey actually began back in late summer 2017. I began losing weight and released 135 lbs by October 2019. I still needed to lose about 75 more pounds but then the pandemic hit. I allowed this time to steal my joy! I became so focused on what was happening in the world that I gained back about 30 lbs. Then came WLGW. I know that the Lord brought me to this program. I had been praying for something to happen to get me back on track. I would try to start again but I think I was trying too hard in my own strength. The 21 day challenge has put my focus back on the Lord and His will for my life. I have released 10.4 lbs since Sept. 15. I got a late start as Satan tried to stop me yet again as I contracted Covid in early September. With the Lord’s help I did not let Covid stop me and I am back on track now and extremely excited for breakthrough.
The picture I am sharing is a before and after from my release of 135 lbs. I am still up about 20 lbs from the picture on the right but I will reach my goal and release about 80 more lbs!

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