Moving Forward

I am so grateful that God brings us the right things at the right time. This course is just what I needed to help me move into making exercise a part of my everyday life. It has shown me that it can be simple and slow starting. I have always thought that you have to jump in head first and give it all you got. No pain no gain or for me it was um pain and stop doing. Finding that I was miserable of course until I started WLGW. So different. I love how Cathy breaks it down. Start slow and build on it. Do what you can do. Like she said if you can only do 1 pushup or whatever it might be. Just start somewhere and move forward. Find what you like doing a real eye, heart opener for me. Keeping it simple and keep track so you can see your progress. I find that I have an excitement within that I haven’t had very often in life about exercise. I like the statement about changing your attitude and the 10 ways you can choose to do to change. I have already stopped speaking negative things about exercise, changing my words to positive confessions. I invite the Lord into my workouts actually I see it as our workouts together. And I love dancing in worship with and unto Him. Finding order in the healthy living God intended for me have.

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