Mountain Crusher

I enter this journey with a mountain of fear in my life. The death of my husband in 2017 devastated me. He took care of all finances and mostly everything else. I spent the last four years spinning in circle trying to figure out our finances or remembering to pay what bill when. There was never a shortage of money, but a massive lack of knowledge. Even worst I have a 401K and a Pension from my job that I was to fearful to touch. It is horrible to live in such fear that you won’t even spend your own money. The lesson ” Turning Your Fears into Freedom” has been a game changer for me. It just open my spirit and I absorbed it immediately. I researched information about my funds and continue to gain knowledge on how to invest. I’m so proud to say that mountain has decreased to a Mole Hill and I’m free of that fear. I’ve visited the establishment and made a withdrawal from my 401K. This is a major accomplishment for me. I have not grown an inch but I feel tall. I know that’s God lifting the weight off my shoulders. I did not do as well as I wanted in the course. I believe I got all GOD purposed for me. I love and enjoyed the courses. All the lessons were on point and encouraged me. Cathy you and your team are AWESOME WOMEN of GOD ! Thank you all so much. Stay HEALTHY and BLESSED

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