I have gotten so much out of Strong Faith Strong Finish! The Holy Spirit moved me to do this study I have not done a WLGW plan since I discovered it in the bible app in 2018. I had forgotten it was the start to developing the foundation that I needed to release 30 pounds! I was with God on my journey implementing all the things I built with Cathy that REVOLUTIONIZED MY THINKING and gave me the practical tools to be successful. I was pregnant with my 3rd baby maintaining 3-5 days a week of exercise and eating healthy. I experienced the best labor and pregnancy yet! I returned to the gym when my youngest was 3 months old and was headed back to success when COVID hit! My youngest daughter contracted the virus as well as several family members despite our best practices and that led me down a road of adding 10 pounds in 3 months (thanks to Cathy My Fitness Pal is still a vital tool for me and i have records of where i have been). I was heavier then the day after I delivered my 3rd baby! This sent me on a self hate spiral pulling away from God and not even knowing. Forgetting that he is my Line of defense first in all situations. I lacked any and all motivation and felt defeated by COVID. I was mourning the routine I had built up for success that was no longer available to me in this season. I was burying my feelings In food and was STUCK! That is when I saw Strong Faith Strong Finish email. The Holy spirit had put it on my heart to fast for some time but due to pregnancy and nursing i had held off. I decided to jump into this program because I loved the idea of instead of “ending the year in regret I could finish strong and start 2021 with a jump start”. It sounded exactly right for me instead of feeling behind all year I could feel like I was ahead for next year and that shift in mindset was the first in Gods mercies for me in this Study. When I jumped into the material the first day reading of broken walls and boundaries my heart sunk! That was me all my walls and barriers of protection were broken and i needed to repair them! I love how Cathy ties Bible Stories to weight Loss that is such a gift to me as food and weight are the strong holds in my life. Her messages are sweet truth to my ears! I started a Daniel Fast and was on my way! I realize now that it was the only way to break the stronghold food had on me. I have released 6 pounds and started implementing all the tools Cathy advises! I am so grateful for all the insights on the ways I have to change my thinking and focus on Christ to move forward on my journey. I once believed it was about the weight release but I now know its about my relationship with my Lord and savior and pulling close to him embracing the discipline of my father to truly live a joyful life. The world will tell you happiness comes from doing what you want having what you want but true joy I am finding is staying disciplined, close to god and praying always so that my mind is at peace and available to serve others and love myself. Thank You Strong Faith Strong Finish!!

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