Love this challenge

I have done several WLGW Challenges now and they have been life changing. They focus on keeping your focus on God – which should always be our #1. I tried everything before to be disciplined and exercise and change. Everything except putting God in charge. That was what was missing.

This Rise Up challenge has keep me moving and pushing forward. I’m so thankful that i became a member of this group. I NEED it in my life!

After this challenge, i will continue to have my daily devotions and prayer time. I will continue to schedule my workouts and track my success. I have continually increased my amount of walking over the last 30 days. After i overcome my 40 day trial period, i will pray about what comes next and i will slowly add more to my workouts. I will also start the clean eating portion of my life change to improve my health and honor Jesus with the body he has graciously given me.

I am thankful for Cathy and this WLGW group!! You have helped me so much in this journey and i look forward to what’s next!!

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