Lost 6lbs & 3.25 inches. Gained better relationship with God as health coach

This has been incredible. I joined for the first time in June for the support. I didn’t think I needed a sugar detox. By Day 3, the mental “spaceiness” said otherwise. I completed level 2, without eating outside of the food list. I did have to contend with overeating nuts and eating late. But now I understand those adjustments are a part of the journey. I truly focused on doing my best in the day… not looking back or eating today, because I have tomorrow to make it up.

I finally stopped weighing myself every day. The weight loss I have been working for all year is finally happening now that I shifted my focus from the daily outcome to the correct daily activities: giving my day and weight loss to God FIRST, planning my food day, practicing gratitude and moving intentionally. I plan to continue this journey eating this better-for- me diet, keeping God first and relying on Him. I can see the VICTORY by taking steps ONE DAY AT A TIME and learning the depth of God’s grace and guidance every day. HE IS FAITHFUL 💗💚

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