Listening, turning, praying

In my own 21 day challenge I seemed to be on a slightly different track than what I was reading on other posts as I went through it. My challenge was focused more on the spiritual aspect more so than the weight loss. I think that’s where I needed to focus though. I walked daily. During my walking I practiced a gentle inward turning and listening to the holy spirit. I wasn’t always successful and still am not always, but I found during my walking that I had gradually turned from listening to actively praying as I walked my entire walk. Although I had gradually changed to praying, at home I was listening more which has helped somewhat in my eating because as I listen and pay attention to those “nudges” I get telling me when to stop eating and what, at times, to choose to eat, I was eating less.
I did find an area I need to work on and that is SLOWing Down. I notice half the time I’m so busy doing things I may listen but I don’t wait for an answer(!) So I think I will be practicing that in the near future.

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