Life changing experience!

I am so blessed and thankful the Lord lead me to this program. I was not motivated when I started the 21-Day Challenge but everyday I got an email from Cathy that had the link to take me to short but powerful lesson and devotional for that day and the videos were entertaining, funny, and had a light hearted way of getting a meaningful point across. It included a worship song and a prayer that was powerful to the lesson. Going through this first step of completing the 21-Day Challenge has motivated me, encouraged me, and has helped me develop some healthy habits, but most importantly it has helped me to rely on the Lord to help me throughout this journey to lose weight and live a healthy life. Going through this challenge I have discovered just how essential it is to have daily time with the Lord. Thank you Cathy for allowing the Lord to use you! I’ve not only developed healthy habits for my physical body but I’ve also grown spiritually during this challenge. This has made an impact on my life and I’m looking forward to continuing onto the next steps!

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