Learning to Prioritize

Before 10 Days God’s way, it never really occurred to me to bring God into my weightloss journey. It seemed all too vain of a subject with which to even bother the Lord. After 2-3 rounds of 10 Days God’s Way, the Lord aligned for me to join the Academy. All I ever kept wondering was, “how will you know if God is helping you with your weightloss journey?” During a coaching call, a seasoned veteran and coach of the academy answered “you will feel peace…” I have prayed for that peace over and over again and by the grace of God I found it.

The Lord revealed to me my cycle of all or nothing thinking and behavior, failure and emotional eating. These are all discussed in the academy. I loved the videos, the quick access to Scripture Relection, thought provoking truth, worship music and even daily exercise. Throughout this 21 days I have learned to make my health and time with God a priority. It has my dynamic duo for habit pairing. I also learned my personal relationship with exercise and food tracking as a force of discipline and success. Over these 21 days I lost 4 pounds. That’s more than 1 pound a week. I couldn’t have done it in my own strength; I did it with God’s word strength, and His way. Thank you for this Cathy and all the women with their amazing testimonies.

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