Just what I needed

I needed this course. I went from not exercising to doing some type of movement each day. I lost 18 pounds and have enjoyed the movement. I did not enjoy it at the beginning. After seeing the many different types of exercise from Cathy’s daily videos, I searched YouTube for more workouts. I don’t like to know what’s coming during a workout, so the diving in to a new video each day has helped me continue. Each lesson proved beneficial. Now when I put my shoes on each morning, my brain automatically alerts me that I should workout since I established that routine during the course. I tell myself, even if I don’t feel like it, to do just 15 minutes and I can always add more versus saying I’ll do it later and not do it. That works for my brain. I do need to work on reward, although the feeling after a workout is the best. I have a long way to go, but these courses are keeping me on the road to a better me.

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