I love Nehemiah, and this mini refresher course just helps me realize what a strong and courageous man he was. How he made a plan and then did not stop and tell it was finished. I had never thought about his enemies being a distraction and how he handled that distraction. How we can correlate our life with his in building our walls for protection against the distractions that we will have on this journey. The thoughts and points that were brought out really challenged me to think and sometimes even pray for God to show me an answer for my life so I was able to answer the devotional questions on paper. This journey was insightful and gave me knowledge and insight on how I can face struggles on how to deflect the haters out there who want me to fail and not succeed. It showed me ways to help me when the struggles come when people are trying to discourage or distract me. I know the road will not be perfect and there will be detours and there will be pitfalls. That is a normal journey in life yet it does not have to prevent me from getting up dusting myself off and start back on the journey to success. Be watchful and mindful to always put God first in your devotional time and he will help you through your weight loss journey as he helps you through your everyday life. Work together as a family whether blood related or not you need support. Someone on your team for correction and to cheer you on.

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