Include God in weight loss? YES!

Weight Loss God’s Way, so simple. Why aren’t more people doing it, and why did it take me so long? We turn to God for everything else in our lives; why not weight loss? This course really helped me realize I needed to include God during this process and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me during my food choices. I like how the goal is to keep it simple, so you don’t get overwhelmed with everything at once; track food, or move for 15 minutes a day, or don’t eat after 7:00 PM, but not all of those at one time. Also, realizing that I didn’t have to set a goal of more than one pound a week was very freeing. This course has really set me up for success, and I am looking forward to going more in-depth with these ladies and with God in the next class, Breakthrough. Thank you, Cathy, Michelle, and Amy, for everything you have shared with me in just 3 short weeks.

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