I’m amazed how God is still using servants of the past.

I had not heard of Nehemiah before this study. I am so grateful for learning about him and the many lessons that he taught me through Cathy. How were you blessed by this study? God still uses His faithful servants of the past to teach us today.
What was your biggest takeaway from the study? That I shouldn’t weep over my sins after I repent. I should keep my eyes on God with joy.
What changes are you experiencing as a result? I no longer have to ride the guilt train allowing it to run my life. My job is to find joy in God.
What new techniques, strategies, tips, insights will you continue to use? I will continue to walk into the light.
How did the Holy Spirit minister to you? He said that I am free I no longer have to carry the guilt and shame of my sins because Christ did that for me.
Where the audio recordings helpful? Yes, they helped me to retain what I was reading.

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