I won’t quit

I can say that slowly I am allowing Jesus to take hold of my weight release. I know I need structure, encouragement and guidance and the 21 day challenge gave me that. I want to start my day with reading the lesson, scripture and hear the song chosen for the lesson. Although I didn’t release the weight I hoped to, I did have changes in my thought patterns. I am continuing on with the next lesson Breakthrough because that’s exactly what I need. I went from being very active working in retail to stationary working from home bc of covid. My lower back hurts if I walk for 10 minutes which I verbally beat myself up knowing before I loss my job I would walk over 12,000 steps. God has always provided for me and has always given me strength to go through situations in my life. I won’t quit regardless how many times I want to procrastinate. I still believe in Him and what He wants for me and that is to be healthy in mind, spirit, and body.

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