I will order my prayer to you and eagerly watch. Psalm 5:3

I have learned to pray more for myself. I’m good about praying for others but somehow I have had a hard time with this. I believe God has revealed to me that it is my self-esteem issue when the darkness creeps in and I feel unworthy. I need to turn to asking the Holy Sprit for help, to scripture more, and have call to mind more that Jesus died for my sin and I am worthy of his unconditional love. Phil 4:6-7..pray about everything…And that means throughout the day with any and all eating issues.

I also have become more aware of why I eat and especially remember Cathy’s words about emotional eating when we are too hungry, too angry, too lonely, too frustrated, and too tired.

I look forward not backward. I am so grateful for the struggle and the journey and to all that God has yet to teach me through Cathy, Michele, Amy, and my fellow sisters.

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