I will means With Him, we will!

After I completed the 21 Day WLGW, I learned of this program “Fear-less” and I thought “Fear-less, I don’t have any fears.” But I decided to follow my leader instead of going off and doing some other WLGW Course and it turns out, I do have fears. I fear not being in control, not being independent, not doing it right, and the unknown. I kind of laugh at this revelation because that’s a lot of fears for someone who didn’t think she had any fears. God won’t force us to do what he created us to do. He gives us the choice to do it his way or our way or whatever way. Bottom line, God’s way is always the best day. I started Weight Loss God’s Way in August and I truly believe this is a divine connection. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, it has been hard. The daily emails that That lead to “that” days devotional with godly instruction, reflection, praise and worship, application, and an opportunity to share is a great system! The hard part is to apply what I know to do. This entire program is set up to help me succeed at being who God created me to be. I thank God for Weight Loss God’s Way, Cathy M., and all the ladies on the live calls that I get to listen to at my convenience because their recorded each week. Thank you WLGW for helping me do it God’s way!

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