“I Never Would Have Thought…..”

What I never would have thought is that these 21 days would have been so awesomely refreshing, putting me where I needed to be with each video skit and each song before each lesson. I never would have thought that it would be the eyeopener I needed and have needed but God’s timing is always prefect and this was His perfect timing for me!! I never would have thought that I could make a commitment and stick to it no matter what! I never would have thought I would have found a support group of Christian women who are there for each other along this journey! The biggest thing I never would have thought that I would feel so connected to God via this 21 day challenge and that it would allow me to be transparent and not feel shamed. I never would have thought that Cathy someone younger than i could have something through God so powerful for young and seasoned women. I bless God for this being my time to take the 21 day challenge and even though I have signed up to move forward with Breakthrough only God knows how long He will have me on the program and for however long I will always give Him the Glory, Honor and Praise for sure a time as this in my life to be closer to Him and wanting more of Him for real!! Thank you Cathy and may God continue to use you for His glory because nothing is ever about us but ALL about Him and who He is!! Blessings to all the sisters on the journey!!

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