I CAN do it – with the help of God.

I started my 21-Day Challenge the day after Christmas. I had gone to the doctor who wanted to increase my blood pressure medication. I told him I know why it’s high – because I need to lose weight. I asked him to let me lose some weight before we make a change. We talked about how I lose and gain the same 10 pound over and over again. I really have 30-40 lbs to lose. He told me that I quit too soon, and asked why I do that. At the time I didn’t know. NOW I DO!! After this 21 Day Challenge, I have learned a lot about why I won’t stick with a program. The biggest reason is that I never brought God into my weight-loss journey. I always thought I could do it myself. HAHA! That wasn’t working. I also learned that my beliefs, blaming, excuses, focus, and self-control are hinderances in my journey. I lost 8.5 lbs in this 21-Day challenge and have no desire to go back to my lazy, over-indulgent ways. With Christ at my side, I can do all things! I look forward to logging in each morning to set my day right with God and my health.

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