Hurt so good

I am late in completing this course. A little bit of life happened. But I am thankful that our courses remain open. I took my time and prayed over the lessons and what God wanted to show me. Such an excellent course! I am sure you know what I mean when I say it hurt so good! I discovered things about myself I did not expect–opposite, actually, of what I did expect. The perfectionist in me seems to blind me in two ways: one that tells me lies, and one that hides the truth. On the one hand, I permit false messaging to take me down. On the other hand, I can refuse to look at the truth because doing so exposes real imperfections. It’s a bit of a paradox. Fortunately, I can laugh at myself. This course revealed to me some, if not all, of my fundamental beliefs that disrupt my walk with Christ. Now that I know these things about myself, I can partner with my Lord and overcome them to His glory. Finally, a breakthrough! Thank you, Cathy. A thousand times, thank you!

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