How Did It Go So Fast???

These last 40 days I have learned so very much about me as a person and as well I have learned how to allow God to reverse those things that have held me back and replace them with Him. These 40 days have been awesome as well as the 21 day challenge that led me to Breakthrough. I have been amazed at the things I have not thought of or have been in denial about. And it was those things that the Lord sent me to WLGW to learn os that I can stop going around the same mountain. I have Him to get me on track and keep me on track. And, even though I have not loss any weight I only gained one pound and with the tools that I have now and those that I will learn with the next step “Faith In Action” I know that I will lose the weight needed and through Christ I will get there and it will be painlessly.

Thank you Lord for placing me in WLGW to really learn the right way to release the weight and that is only through you with the tools that I have been taught.

Blessings to Cathy as you continue to do His will in the earth!!

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