Hallelujah! First Step Done

I was so excited when I Tripped onto the 21 day devotional. I had done weight Watchers for years with no success. In January I had begun to read and learn about healing. An Unfinished Death was a novel that propelled me into the study. I have since read it at least 5-7 times. She makes a comment about health and diets. Man tries to combine God’s gifts of grace with man’s knowledge without success. Oil and water. As I began to pray and seek God’s wisdom, I found this program. I was ready. The food diary was something I didn’t want to do. With the exception of last Sunday, I have been keeping true to it. As I fractured my elbow, food preparation is just about impossible so I have been buying prepared meals. Not lean cuisines or healthy choices. Real comfort food. Still losing weight. I found my commitment to 7pm food curfew was turning into a suggestion. I confessed this. Choosing to forego dinner if I forgot dinner doing mind numbing activities. All in all I rejoice because this was God’s timetable for me, He enabled to persevere. I had never finished a weight and health goal before. I had been praying for health for a least 2 years. Praise God.

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